Robin William

William Robin

Solutions Architect & Software Developer

Name:Robin William
City:West Palm Beach FL
Phone:(561) 755-9843
Born in the United Kingdom and now residing in West Palm Beach, Florida, William “Will” Robin is a software engineer and solutions architect working for a large international companies. William specializes in developing and implementing strategic technological plans and managing software and hardware development teams. ​ With the ability to develop software in 10 languages, William previously developed software solutions and served as an adviser to one of America’s largest independent media companies (Olympusat). Throughout his career, William has handled major projects for websites, apps and tech services firms.

Software Development


1. Orange Theory Fitness

Solutions Architect


  1. Architecture Design Sessions
  2. TMA Team Meetings – Technical design leadership
    1. Translating OTF requirements to technical implementation details
  3. Align vendors and internal teams technical
    1. Ensure we re-use API’s
    2. Ensure we do not recreate data base elements and we have a core data layer we are using
  4. Controlling access to AWS and limiting 3rd party access
  5. Encouraging the creation of re deployable systems, that are built utilizing cloud formation 
  6. Setup and and enforcing access policies for AWS
  7. Weekly code reviews
  8. Providing training materials and guides for solutions
  9. Managing TMA
    1. Converting requirements from steakholders at OTF into technical requirements that can be assigned to a developer


Created all techincal papers for implementation of OTF systems by our development teams.


Established an in house “think tank” to help guide our fantastic developers out of state. Just like software development, if it wasn’t for delegation it isn’t happening.


Effectively delegating, and establishing a ownership based on the actual meritis of the developer as opposed to his senioutiry allowed me to focus on the bigger issues that required solutations.


Any decent developer will tell you that code shouldn’t only work well it, it should be well written too.


Cutting the tape between departments allows the company to do more with the same amount of resources. Rather than have a product manager try to direct branding with stick figures  I instillied a brand


You never went to run your company on the bleeding edge. AWS is releasing new services ALL the time, impressive ones too.


Focus on the basics


S3 has been around for multiple years



Creating a data migration plan and aggregation rules allowed me to model powerful systems in hours


As the chief software engineer on the team I was involved in everything.


Sometimes executives buy licesnes for services that they don’t really need nor understand.


I was responsible for creating a framework that facifilcted the centralfication of all data within the company. working with other department heads such as BA


These solutions could be populated by a process as simple as an FTP upload



Taking owership of all internal applications

Cut down the cost and time of implemting complex applications with snappy UI’s that utlized our existing developer resources. If you know anything about app development, there isn’t a ton of objective c or swift developers working on websites these days.


This allowed the company to prototype and implement an application that worked on not only our customers mobiles, tablets, but even our desktops. By making choices when they matter you are able t


Compare this to the average development cost of x million, 8 months, and only works on iOS. I make it my job to understand the tech stack from the inside out. It is this knollege and working experience that allows me to breeze through challenges that are usually assigned to entire teams.




2. American Kratom Association

Board Member/ CTO

3. Olympusat – West Palm Beach

Senior Backend Developer
  • Dynamic Entity based Gateway API generator
    • Led in the development and design of a reusable entity/ object based API
    • Made use of a single Dynamo collection for all entities (although this can be overriden by handlers or hooks)
    • Entity types are defined by creating an entity-type record in the collection
    • CRUD operations are available by default, and can be overridden by creating custom handlers or hooks to override specific behaviors.
    • Swagger documentation is generated from the entity-types defined in the collection
    • Entity validation on creation and update is set in the entity-type registry


  • Async/ Interactive Lambda Logging Service
    • Increased developer productivity by providing an instantaneous way to view logs that would otherwise only be available in CloudWatch after the Lambda executed.
    • Utilized websockets in a  custom logging package that connected to a central socket server
    • Logs can be grouped by socket (ie executing Lambda)
    • Online log viewer allows you to view log items as they are created


  • Lambda WorkFlow Service
    • Led in the design and development of a chainable Lambda workflow service (AWS is in the process of doing a case study on one of it’s applications)
    • Services are invoked by registering to an SNS topic that is stored in the entry that represents the service in the registry (DynamoDB).
      • The service request chain is built depending on the initial request.
      • Chained services receive the output of the previous service as the input event
      • Service requests are executed “sync”, but can be defined as passive.


  • VOD Mobile Applications
    • SonLife iOS Application
      • Built a base VOD template application that could easily be reused for other companies


  • Encouraged the use of ES6/ ES7
    • Pushed for functional solutions over procedural
    • Utilizing generators/ awaitables over callbacks
    • Packaging Lambda functions using babel to utilize functionality that was not available with the current nodejs runtime



4. AESLogics Inc – Seattle

Lead Software Engineer
  • Designed and developed a live action bidding platform for managing, booking and tracking shipments
    • Built the initial core services for generating carrier rates based on the cargo input
      • Built C# scrapers to collect rates, book shipments, and pull tracking information for carriers that lacked an API
      • Exposed a service API that was composed of the multiple scraper services, and API’s that powered the carrier rates
    • Utilized SignalR to build the backend service to power the live action dashboard that acted as the cockpit for customers, carriers, and vendors alike.
      • (ie carriers could place bids on shipments within their service area, which were compared to the rates provided by our rater service. Depending on the customers settings, the cheapest option would be accepted)
    • Built the frontend as an AngularJS application
      • The dashboard was composed of angular modules
      • Modules could be disabled/ enabled depending on user preference
    • Automated ACP Entity Builder
      • The ACP forms and management pages were generated by T4 templates
        • Create, edit, list, view, and delete pages could be overriden and customized on an indivual basis.
    • Find grained permissions
      • Permissions were defined on a role, group, or user basis
        • (ie allowed the administrators to easily set unique rate parameters to the user directly)


  • Vanguard Prototype
    • Led in the development of a customer portal to allow for the management and booking of logistic operations.
      • Built the frontend app as an emberjs application
      • Backend was built on C# MVC5 that exposed JSON/ XML API
    • Compared Vanguard rates with that of our own carriers and recommend the most affordable option
    • Worked with the Vanguard team to develop the API’s that were required for implementing their use cases


  • Interactive Cargo calculator component
    • Built a flexible cargo input calculator that could be reused by multiple systems.
    • Exposed an event interface that the caller could interact with

5. Exceleron Designs – Palm Beach Gardens

Software Consultant
  • Maintaining and managing existing clients phone applications (iOS, Android, and Windows)
  • Creating custom plugins and themes for WordPress
  • Building custom snippets, and templates for Magento
  • Creating reusable JS components that were CMS agnostic (sliders, video players)

6. Oncology Analytics, Inc – Ft Lauderdale

Programming Consultant
  • Led in the development and design of software responsible for advising and billing doctors and patients for medical treatments (Patent 8,296,163).
  • Built the service on PHP5 ZendFramework2, using Doctorine for ORM
  • Developed a workflow that allowed multiple developers to work on components independently
  • Created the frontend web application client as an independent Angular JS application

7. 1450inc – Palm Beach Gardens

Software Developer
  • EMRFinder iOS Application
    • Featured a dynamic filter based recommendation system
    • Dynamically rendered unique profile pages for each product that could be customized by the listing company
    • Used SalesForce to create and capture the input from the lead capture forms and pages


  • Online marketing portal
    • Built plugins that interfaced with NetSuite to allow for a single sign on from lead management to the dynamic marketing tools


  • Partner Network
    • Developed a LinkedIn like service for medical establishments seeking recommendations on speech recognition and transcription technology.
      • Users could populate their company profile with their details
      • All user content was moderated before being accepted
      • Marketing material was automatically branded with their custom logos, and information upon download


  • USB Software
    • Designed and developed cross platform software that automated the process of branding documents, videos, marketing materials, and landing pages for each potential client

8. Twig One Stop – Printing Service FL

  • Rebuilt the frontend application in PHP
  • Developed interactive components to customize print products
  • Replaced manual inventory and invoicing by automating the order processes



9. Surge Marketing Inc – San Diego

Software Consultant
  • Developed and implemented advanced scraping services to scrape useful data from external sources.
  • Responsible for developing a fully integrated ad management system on top of a URL shortner service
  • Created multiple Magento plugins and themes
  • Built a dynamic marketing toolkit

10. Adkins Bee Removal LLC – San Diego

PHP Programmer
  • Implemented a dynamic system to interface with the VOIP routing service to generate billing reports and invoices for our customers.
  • Redeveloped the existing outdated website
  • Created an internal marketing management tool