Robin William

William Robin

Experienced Software Developer

Name:Robin William
City:West Palm Beach FL
Phone:(561) 755-9843
I have over ten years of professional software development experience. My focus is Javascript both in the browser and on the service layer, specifically React JS, and React Native, and NodeJS.

Software Development




Built a plugin suite to integrate USDC (Crypto) based merchant services for Ecwid, WordPress, and BigCommerce



Developed Android, and iOS apps that leverage React JS, React Native, and native Android, and Swift components



Designed and developed an entire social network, and avatar chat that is now available on Desktop, iOS, Android, web, and WordPress. The front end is programmed in React JS, the communication layer is real time TCP web sockets, and the server layer is programmed in NodeJS. Allowing a lot of the game code to be shared between the HTML5 WEBGL Client, React JS UI, and the NodeJS servers.

Avatar Chat


NEWLIFE HRT – Hormone Replacement Therapy 

I developed a custom lead generator and price checker for hormone replacement medications
Dynamics 365 – I developed an entire EMR package on top of Dynamics 365 (Generates Scripts, Invoices, Orders, Patient Charts, Patient Details, and Leads)

Developed a new website for their partner pharmacy, Palm Beach Pharmaceuticals, and the doctors office NewLifeHRT.


Amazon Web Services

SQS is used in conjunction with SNS to enter and trigger the execution of tasks/ jobs into my Lambda workflow

EC2 is used in conjunction with Route53, and load balancing to host the Kynto virtual worlds servers



2. Orange Theory Fitness – Boca Raton FL

Solutions Architect

Orangetheory is a 1 hour, full body workout, focused on training Endurance, Strength and/or Power.  We use Heart Rate Based Interval Training, which burns more calories post workout than a traditional exercise. When wearing our Heart Rate monitors, your real time results are displayed on large screens throughout the studio. Intensity is based on your individual Heart Rate zones, making the workout effective for all fitness levels. To top it off, our fitness coaches to lead the workout to prevent you from over or under training.



At OrangeTheory Fitness I served as the solutions architect. Charged
with the complete redevelopment of the existing ad hoc infrastructure
to a scalable cloud based solution.


OTF was challenged with a large amount of active users (over half a million).
Yet their function comes from the ability to sync all possible values for a heart rate reading
during a session.



  • Development team was based in Vietnam
  • Executives desired moving to AWS
  • Massive amounts of legacy data, stored in disparate sources.
  • Lack of any central membership authority.
  • Ingesting large amounts of sensor data from heart rate motors.




DynamoDB quickly rose to be a top contender for storing our ever growing properties of member data. Making it relatively easy and inexpensive


Lambda Event driven processing allowed OTF to begin the process of both centralizing and streamlining the ability to introduce revolutionary function


S3 Continual archive of all sensor and gym equipment data ever created. This data could be loaded into virtual Redshift instances for intense meta analysis.


SQS Distributed machine control. Such as pausing or starting a class within a gym room.


SNS Event based processing allowed OTF to spare the cost of creating a server farm and worrying about redundancy. Leaving us the ability to focus on the solutions for problems unique to OTF that justify the payroll.


MindBody Online
Implementing both interval and event driven data synchronization. This was utilized specifically to address the ad hoc membership problem. By creating our own member store in DynamoDB and updating it on data change through exposing a Javascript Lambda API through the AWS Gateway. As a solution architect I was responsible for signing off on final technical requirement documents between OTF and MBO.


Projected Future
All machine and sensor data will flow seamlessly on an as needed basis. OTF will be able to preserve valuable metadata that would otherwise be too unwieldy to store for any significant amount of time, never mind attempt to read and analyze for functional and corporate benefit.

Complete synchronization between the independently managed gyms and the parent OTF. A single membership repository with an adapter layer that allows the development teams to easily introduce and maintain 3rd party source updates.

Dynamic Frontend that renders in both web, desktop, mobile, and on tv screens within locations.



One can conclude that AWS was a smart choice for OTF at the time. I always took advantage of our creative ability to wrap AWS in such a way that we can pull out our assets (code, etc) and deploy on another platform in the future.


3. Olympusat – West Palm Beach

Senior Backend Developer

Olympusat is a large, independent media company specializing in ownership, corporate distribution, production, and technical services. The company has established itself as a leader in the Hispanic television and media space with more than 100 English-language and Spanish-language television networks. The company provides an over-the-top content-delivery offering called VEMOX, which enables Olympusat to distribute live channels and extensive on-demand video to smart televisions and other smart devices via the cloud. Olympusat was founded in 1999 and engages more than eight million viewers each day.





  • Traditional monolithic PHP application, but desired a more flexible and dynamic option.
  • The company’s server-based architecture required a server administrator to handle upgrades and launch new instances.
  • The company wanted to move to a microservices architecture to support both a layer of primitive functions to perform common tasks, as well as another layer of application services such as video-format translation.
  • Ability to easily add new ingestion sources & transform the assets.
  • Unprocessed media file attachments and assets such as caption files.




  • Olympusat realized it could develop application services more quickly by switching from a PHP application to a NodeJS implementation using Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda.
  • The company built a microservices architecture by creating a low-level set of primitive microservices running in an asynchronous workflow, which let the company add new delivery vehicles and data sources without adding code. Amazon API Gateway fronts an asynchronous workflow layer that is implemented using AWS Lambda, which validates incoming requests against a schema stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).
  • Once validated, the message is put in a queue in Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) and is added to Amazon DynamoDB.
  • The workflow function uses Amazon Simple Notification Service to communicate with the microservices, signaling to either call more services or return results.
  • On demand data transformation or caption processing and attachment by hitting Amazon GateWay API.



Future Projections

Encoding all media files on demand and then saving the final product as the public asset will allow an independence from large scale web server operations freeing up revenue for investment in further automation.


Serving all their content as their mobile applications do would allow Olympusat to continue to phase out an internal reliance on expensive failure resistant hardware of large amounts of data


Case Study:


4. AESLogics Inc – Seattle

Lead Software Engineer

AES Logistics. Provides international freight forwarding, specializing in domestic LTL and intermodal transportation services. Its software provides companies with instant access to LTL, intermodal, ocean and air freight rates.



  • Integrating propriety systems in production with Vanguard.
  • Delivery processes demanded the ability for user specific settings and triggers.
  • Creating a dynamic system that would re render the view based on the logged in user, his group, or additional permissions.
  • Poorly programmed live system that did not have a recycle cycle or deployment configuration.


  • Designing an adaptive back end that was built on top of MVC5, and implemented web sockets (SignalR) for instantaneous communication between client and server.
  • The front end was built entirely as a web application using Mustache to render HTML templates depending on the permissions the sum of the user or his group had access to. This allowed AESLogictics to easily add and remove additional permissions without relying on developer intervention.
  • Rebuilt the
  • I had to not only design but also bootstrap the development of new functionality. Learning how to effectively delegate and train by anticipating future developmental shifts.


Skills: C#, Web Apps, Native Web App Wrapper, Web Sockets


5. 1450inc – Palm Beach Gardens

Software Developer


  • Sole developer for both iPhone, Android development.
  • Developing applications for the early iPhone and Android devices.
  • Large operator network that required large amounts of branded marketing data.
  • Integrating Netsuite and Salesforce into custom back ends.



  • Built an iPhone and Android application that implemented the same functionality as the web based EMRConsultant.
  • Developed a cross platform USB media application that was branded and customized to the operators company.
  • Designed and developed  a propriety CRM that also served as a marketing tool that would allow 1450 to upload marketing content such as landing pages, emails, and PDF documents that could be downloaded by the operators in which case their logo and company information would be applied to the documents and marketing materials as if they created them.
  • Implementing member based authentication on our CRM and marketing portal that allowed us to leverage Netsuite on an administrative level to manage and bill our operators while providing them much needed custom functionality.


Skills: Objective C, Java (Android Applications), C#, PHP (Zend, CodeIgniter, WordPress)



6. Adkins Bee Removal LLC – San Diego

PHP Programmer

Adkins bee removal is a web and mobile service that puts customers in touch with bee removers in their area.



  • Front and back end were developed in different languages and deployments.
  • Code base was static and procedural code base.
  • Tracking the placement and acceptance of VOIP phone calls through our billing portal.



  • PHP Frontend that dynamically rendered landing pages and profiles for all current franchise operators.
  • Built a replacement software suite in PHP on top of Zend.
  • PHP backend that integrated with a 3rd party telephone service that allowed us to track calls as leads.





1. American Kratom Association – Colardo

Board Member/ CTO

Established in 2014, the American Kratom Association is committed to restoring full consumer access to kratom and to preserve and protect the freedom of consumers in the United States to make their own choices on their well-being and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.




  • Social media censorship.
  • Large scale surveys and case studies
  • Processing and transforming hundreds of thousand of public comment submissions (
  • Scanning local, State, and Federal legislatures for relevant language in bills.


  • Built and maintained a 3rd party community and bridged Facebook to our community by allowing the user to create their account with Facebook, thereby giving us the ability to pull their information.
  • Developed software solutions that connected to the federalregistar API and could be used to validate  voter submissions were being processed.
  • Overseeing and implementing large scale information campaigns through Facebook.
  • Capturing and streaming live footage of trees.
  • Working with top educational institutions to develop protocols and case studies.

2. Oncology Analytics, Inc – Ft Lauderdale

Programming Consultant

Designing and development the front and back end for healthcare professionals use to assist in formulating treatments and billing insurance companies.



  • Dynamic software with variable configurations that is used in a clinical setting.
  • HIPA and other regulatory requirements relating to data protection and patient rights.



  • Led in the development and design of software responsible for advising and billing doctors and patients for medical treatments (Patent 8,296,163).
  • Built the service on PHP5 ZendFramework2, using Doctorine for ORM
  • Developed a workflow that allowed multiple developers to work on components independently
  • Created the frontend web application client as an independent Angular JS application


Skills: PHP (Zend), C# Native Web App Wrapper


3. Surge Marketing Inc – San Diego

Software Consultant

Surge marketing required me to act as a developer of multiple languages and systems. It was with Surge that I homed my ability to develop effective web crawlers, and data transformation methodologies.



  • Surge was contracted to create a advertising platform that was built around a URL shortening service.
  • There was a large demand for ingesting large amounts of loosely related data.
  • This data would come from varying source and in different formats.



  • Designing and developing a CodeIgniter based web application that functioned as an ad driven URL shortener.
  • Creating a generic interface that allowed us to develop new transformation matrices on demand.
  • Maintaining a single format for data within the system allowed us to easily create additional mapping configurations without having to program for it.


Skills: PHP (Zend, CodeIgniter, Magento), C# (WebForms, MVC)




1. What Am I Looking For?

A work environment that has mind bending challenges but ample resource both human and technical as armament. Projects that encourage oneself to immerse them self into the team and strike a working balance between resource. Management position within a strong development team or tasked with assembling a team for long term or a per project basis.

Remote flexibility wouldn’t hurt either.


2. Memorable Mentions

Kynto is an interactive avatar based chat projected in an isometric environment (2.5d). It was one of the earliest web based chat games that utilized socket like communication between client and server (Python & Comet JS). The game inspired and was inspired by a community of like minded young teens called MMOCCF.


Axcid was a ever growing database and API that indexed and served large amounts of mp3 files that were consumed by a multitude of clients written in AS3, Python, JS, PHP, C#, VB.NET


Developing new frontend clients that implemented the Axcid backend API for different operating systems and platforms allowed for the quick and successive adoption of new syntax and paradigms,