1450inc – Palm Beach Gardens


  • Sole developer for both iPhone, Android development.
  • Developing applications for the early iPhone and Android devices.
  • Large operator network that required large amounts of branded marketing data.
  • Integrating Netsuite and Salesforce into custom back ends.



  • Built an iPhone and Android application that implemented the same functionality as the web based EMRConsultant.
  • Developed a cross platform USB media application that was branded and customized to the operators company.
  • Designed and developed  a propriety CRM that also served as a marketing tool that would allow 1450 to upload marketing content such as landing pages, emails, and PDF documents that could be downloaded by the operators in which case their logo and company information would be applied to the documents and marketing materials as if they created them.
  • Implementing member based authentication on our CRM and marketing portal that allowed us to leverage Netsuite on an administrative level to manage and bill our operators while providing them much needed custom functionality.


Skills: Objective C, Java (Android Applications), C#, PHP (Zend, CodeIgniter, WordPress)