AESLogics Inc – Seattle

AES Logistics. Provides international freight forwarding, specializing in domestic LTL and intermodal transportation services. Its software provides companies with instant access to LTL, intermodal, ocean and air freight rates.



  • Integrating propriety systems in production with Vanguard.
  • Delivery processes demanded the ability for user specific settings and triggers.
  • Creating a dynamic system that would re render the view based on the logged in user, his group, or additional permissions.
  • Poorly programmed live system that did not have a recycle cycle or deployment configuration.


  • Designing an adaptive back end that was built on top of MVC5, and implemented web sockets (SignalR) for instantaneous communication between client and server.
  • The front end was built entirely as a web application using Mustache to render HTML templates depending on the permissions the sum of the user or his group had access to. This allowed AESLogictics to easily add and remove additional permissions without relying on developer intervention.
  • Rebuilt the
  • I had to not only design but also bootstrap the development of new functionality.┬áLearning how to effectively delegate and train by anticipating future developmental shifts.


Skills: C#, Web Apps, Native Web App Wrapper, Web Sockets