Olympusat – West Palm Beach

Olympusat is a large, independent media company specializing in ownership, corporate distribution, production, and technical services. The company has established itself as a leader in the Hispanic television and media space with more than 100 English-language and Spanish-language television networks. The company provides an over-the-top content-delivery offering called VEMOX, which enables Olympusat to distribute live channels and extensive on-demand video to smart televisions and other smart devices via the cloud. Olympusat was founded in 1999 and engages more than eight million viewers each day.





  • Traditional monolithic PHP application, but desired a more flexible and dynamic option.
  • The company’s server-based architecture required a server administrator to handle upgrades and launch new instances.
  • The company wanted to move to a microservices architecture to support both a layer of primitive functions to perform common tasks, as well as another layer of application services such as video-format translation.
  • Ability to easily add new ingestion sources & transform the assets.
  • Unprocessed media file attachments and assets such as caption files.




  • Olympusat realized it could develop application services more quickly by switching from a PHP application to a NodeJS implementation using Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda.
  • The company built a microservices architecture by creating a low-level set of primitive microservices running in an asynchronous workflow, which let the company add new delivery vehicles and data sources without adding code. Amazon API Gateway fronts an asynchronous workflow layer that is implemented using AWS Lambda, which validates incoming requests against a schema stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).
  • Once validated, the message is put in a queue in Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) and is added to Amazon DynamoDB.
  • The workflow function uses Amazon Simple Notification Service to communicate with the microservices, signaling to either call more services or return results.
  • On demand data transformation or caption processing and attachment by hitting Amazon GateWay API.



Future Projections

Encoding all media files on demand and then saving the final product as the public asset will allow an independence from large scale web server operations freeing up revenue for investment in further automation.


Serving all their content as their mobile applications do would allow Olympusat to continue to phase out an internal reliance on expensive failure resistant hardware of large amounts of data


Case Study: https://aws.amazon.com/solutions/case-studies/olympusat/