Surge Marketing Inc – San Diego

Surge marketing required me to act as a developer of multiple languages and systems. It was with Surge that I homed my ability to develop effective web crawlers, and data transformation methodologies.



  • Surge was contracted to create a advertising platform that was built around a URL shortening service.
  • There was a large demand for ingesting large amounts of loosely related data.
  • This data would come from varying source and in different formats.



  • Designing and developing a CodeIgniter based web application that functioned as an ad driven URL shortener.
  • Creating a generic interface that allowed us to develop new transformation matrices on demand.
  • Maintaining a single format for data within the system allowed us to easily create additional mapping configurations without having to program for it.


Skills: PHP (Zend, CodeIgniter, Magento), C# (WebForms, MVC)